Election officials said DMV wasn’t ready to launch Motor Voter. California went ahead anyway

As California prepared to launch its new Motor Voter program last year, top elections officials say they asked Secretary of State Alex Padilla to hold off on the roll-out. […]

California’s ‘Vote Harvesting,’ Pro and Con

As a former federal prosecutor who has investigated and prosecuted election fraud, I can vouch for the accuracy of your critique of California’s voting model (“Harvesting Democratic Votes,” Review & Outlook, Jan. 19). […]

‘Motor Voter’ program a disaster (pdf)

In his re-election statement posted on the secretary of state’s website, Secretary of State Alex Padilla boasts: “In my first term, I’ve worked to expand access to the ballot box.” […]

Pennsylvania admits to 11,000 noncitizens registered to vote

A top Pennsylvania lawmaker called on the state Wednesday to immediately expunge the names of 11,198 noncitizens whom the state confirmed are registered to vote, despite not being eligible. […]

Dems Flipped Over Half of Orange County House Seats After Election Night

RUSH: Speaking of the election, I want to get into this a little bit more detail, but I noted yesterday that in Orange County every Republican congressman lost. Orange County is one of the last counties in California where Republicans have a chance, and they lost every congressional seat. But I only told you half the story. […]

Nine Charged in Large-Scale Voter Fraud Scheme on Skid Row

Prosecutors have charged nine people with a dozen felony counts for allegedly offering money and cigarettes to homeless people on Skid Row in exchange for false and forged signatures on ballot petitions and voter registration forms […]

Record Number of Californians Now Registered to Vote

SACRAMENTO – A record 18,251,826 Californians are registered to vote Secretary of State Alex Padilla reported today. California’s record breaking 18.2 million registered voters is greater than the population […]

California Election Official Can’t Say if Non-Citizens Voted

California’s top elections official said Tuesday he doesn’t yet know if any of the roughly 1,500 people mistakenly registered to vote by the Department of Motor Vehicles cast ballots […]

Noncitizens registered to vote? Put California’s bungled ‘motor voter’ system on hold right away

California’s “motor voter” law, passed in 2015, was supposed to create a simpler, more secure way to register millions more voters in the state. When eligible adults go into a DMV office to get or renew a driver’s license or state ID […]

Motor Voter is on the ropes. California considers freeze of DMV registrations

Trying to get tens of thousands of voter registration errors under control, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla may temporarily halt a program […]

Record number of Californians ready to vote in midterm election

Californians are registering to vote in record numbers ahead of the November election […]

San Bernardino County’s registrar of voters ousted just three months before the November election

The head of the San Bernardino County elections office is out with about 110 days to go until the November election, but not before raising concerns about what he said was the county’s aging voter system […]

L.A. County registrar seeks independent review on thousands of people not listed on voter rosters

The Los Angeles County elections chief said Friday that he was seeking an independent review after more than 118,000 people were left off voter rosters […]

Officials demand answers after more than 118,000 people were left off L.A. County voter rosters

State and county leaders demanded answers Wednesday from the Los Angeles County Elections chief […]

Caltech Partners with Orange County to Assess Integrity of June Primary Elections

An online dashboard will give the public access to real-time election data, analytics, and reports of problems […]

Investigating voter fraud, Riverside County District Attorney’s Office sought 60-plus search warrants

The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office sought more than 60 search warrants this summer to examine individual voter records […]

Bags of Absentee Ballots “Found” Uncounted

HOT SPRINGS, AR – Claims that absentee ballots went uncounted until Thursday (11/6) have an Election Commission on the defensive […]

Feds charge 19 noncitizens with illegally voting in 2016

The Justice Department announced charges Friday against 19 noncitizens who they say illegally voted in the 2016 election […]

California lawmakers OK a bill making it easier for them to live outside their districts

Before they left town last week at the end of the 2018 legislative session, California lawmakers sent Gov. Jerry Brown a bill […]